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The Jenfi's compositions are mostly influenced by Pop, Progressive, Rock, Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Ambient, Electro-1970s to the present; and to a lesser extent by Jazz, Classical, New Wave, New Age, Minimal, Urban, Jungle World, Lounge, Hip-Hop and Electro-Tango.

Sorry for my bad English, my native language is French.



The new musical and sound explorations of Jenfi are influenced by all the music heard since childhood to those today. All these music forged these rhythmic and melodic tastes. These songs, sometimes very divergent, have been linked in a symbiosis that their originators have not wished or hoped.



The musical space covered by Jenfi is not limited to one style. On the contrary, Jenfi goes in sound exploration to surprise and amaze us. Listening to various compositions may seem inconsistent, without links. These are the strange worlds of music Jenfi.


In 2000, Jenfi gradually leaves the instrumental imitations of sounds (samples) and rediscovers and uses synthetic textures. "These, he said, allow me to recreate the atmospheres and rhythms without the constraint of the game imposed by the acoustic instrument that is difficult to replicate." These are the favorite themes atmospheric environments sometimes mixed with rock instruments in binary rhythms or odd metric.



This is music as we sometimes hear a sort of daydream a little crazy, full of surprises, which refers to anything specific, and yet we recognize as sources of inspiration are clearly identifiable. What Jenfi is mainly music for pleasure... And also, he enjoys carving rags...

What does he make?

jenfi en studio

Jenfi is not a virtuoso keyboardist and he received no musical training in a conservatory. In short, he is self-taught. But music has always fascinated since his childhood. He did not try to become a professional keyboard player, he practices this art with passion leisure. Today, he composed and played music for fun and without constraints. It builds sound and rhythmic stacks without worrying about styles in strengths, and sometimes the basic rules of music theory.


noel luxembourg

Jenfi was born in 1959 and grew up in a family atmosphere conducive to musical awakening. Indeed, his father loved to sing. His dad and his uncle Daniel — who was a professional musician in the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra — have recorded songs by using disks (vinyl) of instrumental versions and two stereo tape recorders (1/4 inch Sony), a few microphones and a small mixer. This was happened in the mid 60s.


otion golf drouot

Franck, the big brother of Jenfi began playing guitar (folk Framus) he subsequently electrified and electric guitar (a copy and then a real LesPaul Gibson). Listening to vinyl records, he spent hours in the game decode guitarists in vogue in the 70s. Francky and Laurent founded their first band Rapace (with Joseph on drums), and Orion with Jean-Claude, Patrick and Michel R (drums). As for her big sister, she also wanted to make music and parents bought him an electronic organ Orla. Now you understand why Jenfi was "contaminated"...



Having made its weapons in various bands of rock and musical search(research) at the end of the 70s the beginning of 80 for Meaux and in its region, Jenfi turns towards the "quite alone fact at the house" (Standalone in the studio) early 1990s. At that time, Jenfi left the Paris region for professional reason. These investigations led the musical sound in countries that only he could understand. His works sound illustrations (sound design) for advertising jungles or his compositions for film soundtracks will remain confidential, and sometimes unfinished.



This involuntary solitude was broken thanks to Internet. Jenfi began, by this way, exchanging audio files with his old acquaintances: Minou and Bob. It is faster than the postal dispatches that he had made until then. It is not worth the direct exchange of musical ideas, but for lack of anything better it makes with. The exchanges expanded when the tapes wheels recorded in studios by the group Orion not mixed in 1980 resurfaced in 2013 by the intervention of Patrick, ex bass player of said group dissolved in 1980. The collaboration of Jenfi with Minou and Bob becomes more and more frequent. This synergy will boost its creativity.



Minou wished to make an album "tribute" for the died of Laurent Delenne occured 20 years ago in Jun 1995. In the facts they are new atypical and original compositions into which are inserted the fragments of singings(songs) or Laurent's guitars. These parts(parties) are very often "played" reversed. What would not have displeased Laurent, quite the opposite… Jenfi has contributed to the album of Minou and Bob on 3 titles/compositions of this beautiful project. The CD in "June 95" went out in December, 2015 under the label Musea Parallele. This CD one is concentrated of musics "Rock-Progressive-Electro-Synthétique-Ambient" in the very original compositions.

Memory Yet Tapes

CD Juin95 © 2015

The site of friends Minou and Bob :

MYT Records

You will find the genesis and there much more…

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