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This website is dedicated to sound synthesis and particularly synthesizers and MIDI sequencing, and audio recording. It's the setup of my home studio, one among many others. MIDI synthesizers will are very present, analog instruments are rare, because one time, the synths with buttons, it was bad form... Since a fad made them expensive because they have "The Sound". But they often lack the three DIN sockets to say that the instrument has the suitable MIDI implementation. Without these, all driving a vintage synth with a sequencer is compromised. The comfort of the modern record is undoubtedly the MAO. Computer power and ingenuity of programmers have exceeded the limits that one could have imagined 10 years ago (yes! ... Think twice ...). And it's not finished, plug-ins — effects, synths, dynamic treatments, etc. — working in real time information increasingly complex due to the growing power of our computers. To date, the power of computers (PC and Mac) lets you record and mix "ITB" ("In The Box" in the computer) with a large number of audio tracks and treatments in real time through plugins. Based on the principle of virtual instrument plugins, appeared physical machines built in boxes with some buttons and controlled by microprocessor(s) programmed(s) to better mimic the original template or create a new instrument.

The spirit of the site

To my knowledge, Home-Studio Recording made the object of some studies and the works issued on this subject. I do not thus go get down to this task, especially as I do not possess capacities. At the most I am going to try to describe in a synthesis of elements essential to its conception (design), organized and to the characteristics of each of these elements, especially mine... ;-)

On this site, you will find information of bases necessary for the constitution of a home-studio. The essential and necessary material and software components will even be commented, explained, detailed in a page dedicated in the menu section "Begin".

This site is not commercial. No sale is proposed there.

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